Referral Management Solution
Three Convenient Ways to Send Us Referrals

  1. Fax referrals to us at 901-390-2940
  2. Send referrals to us online HERE, using ReferralMD. If you’re not already using ReferralMD, you can sign up at
  3. Call 901-390-2930 or email us at

Benefits for Referring Providers

  • If you send your referrals to us via fax or through our website, you will receive a progress report faxed to you every week with the status of patients you referred to our facility.
  • If you subscribe to ReferralMD, you will receive updates about your referrals in real-time and you can also exchange messages and files with our facility online.
  • Your patients will receive emailed notifications about the referral along with directions to our facility.
  • Your patients will be contacted promptly by our facility and appointments will be scheduled faster.


We look forward to providing the best customer service to our referring providers and patients. We treat your referrals as the highest compliment and look forward to providing excellent care for your patients. Thank you for trusting us with the care of your patients.